Trainee Ingutu, dressed in blue overalls, holding her building trowelIng'utu sits with three members of her family

Annual Report 2022/23

Your support and collaboration are helping to bring positive change to young people in Zambia.

Scroll through our Annual Review for a snapshot of achievements across 2022/23. We are proud to share stories of some of the amazing people who are making a positive difference to their families, their communities and beyond. These are the people who inspire us with their vision, passion and courage.

These are the people who are building brighter futures in Zambia.

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Ing'utu and her childrenPlay

Watch the celebrations at Zambezi Sawmills Community School!

Building brighter communities

Ing’utu is a loving mother and has literally built a brighter future for her son Wamundila and daughter Hope.

They are pupils at Zambezi Sawmills Community School, situated in the heart of a large bustling compound on the outskirts of Livingstone. It is a thriving and well organised school, but it was in desperate need of additional facilities to cope with growing pupil numbers.

Ing’utu is one of the proud graduates who successfully completed our Training into Work programme.

The training aims to equip young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with practical skills that are in demand. With these new skills, come new opportunities to find work. The construction sector in Zambia offers significant opportunities for employment.

Ing’utu learnt alongside 22 other people from her local community, gaining valuable hands-on experience helping us build new facilities at Zambezi Sawmills Community School.

Belita and Lucie at Zambezi Sawmills
Headteacher Mrs Belita Tembo Zulu (left), receiving new books and resources from Build It Chair Lucie Kasanga

“This building has really brought happiness… It has added to our enrolment, we now have 1,020 learners. With these classrooms we managed to open our first grade 8 class; 36 girls and 14 boys, because of this building that you gave us. Thank you!”

My grandmother raised me after the passing on of both my parents when I was just 5 years old. I dropped out of school because my grandmother couldn’t afford to pay for my Grade 9 examination fees.

I found various jobs, including working as a maid, to help my grandmother who was not able to financially support me and other children she was keeping… It was very difficult to find work, and conditions were often not favourable.”
Ing'utu sits with three members of her family
Ing’utu and her family


  • Safely resuming training at our community projects; paused since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Building four classrooms at Zambezi Sawmills Community School, including a computer room to help more pupils gain the vital IT skills needed to thrive in the modern world.
  • The construction of a six-cubicle toilet block to improve sanitation at the school. A wash space will help girls manage their periods, supporting them to continue their education as they grow up.
Elias at his graduation

Quality training that changes lives

22-year old Elias Chalumbila successfully completed our entry-level Bricklaying course.

Most of our trainees are between 18 and 35 years old. We look to train young people like Elias who had limited opportunity to access education and training growing up, but have a genuine interest and motivation to learn new skills.

Elias trained at our construction training centre, the Centre for Excellence, just north of Lusaka. Construction of the Centre started in 2016. It has grown to become a vibrant and inspiring place of learning.

We continue to expand the facility. Construction of the student toilet block was completed in May 2022. With BuroHappold Engineering we have designed an innovative indoor learning space. When completed, this will increase the number of young people we can train.

“I heard about Build It Zambia when I came to visit my parents… So I visited the training centre, got the information I needed, and applied for training. Fortunately, I was picked!… With these skills I will be able to find jobs that are sustainable and more stable… I strongly believe this is a stepping-stone for me to achieve great things in life.”


  • Delivery of nine entry-level training courses, encompassing 12,105 days of training.
  • Overall learner pass rate of >90 % for all courses, with an average of 95%.
  • Redesign of our Life Skills Manual to better meet the needs of the young people we work with.
Elias with his mum
A young woman shovels sand from a wheelbarrow

From learning to earning

Quality vocational training is hugely effective in getting people into employment.

But the world of work continues to change, and our training needs to keep pace with the needs of employers.

We have undertaken a substantial review of four of our entry-level training courses with input from contractors, partners and graduates. We have refreshed course content to better meet the needs of employers, increasing the employability of our young graduates.

Strengthening links with employers remains vital to provide work placement and employment opportunities. Their engagement is vital to help trainees successfully transition from learning, to earning.

“It was clear the learners really wanted to be there; they really wanted to get something positive out of it… and they felt that they were doing that. The links into industry is very important. It can be very easy to have a training institution which is isolated from industry, and they just don’t deliver what is needed”
Mike Worth, External Quality Assurer NOCN
Chilufya Kasutu presenting Cretech Construction with the award
Build It Country Director Chilufya Kasutu presenting contractor Cretech Construction with Most Supportive Contractor Award, June 2022


  • 56% of trainees had successfully completed their work placement by the end of 2022, with many more lined up to complete in early 2023.
  • Our first Employer Engagement workshop in June 2022 with 14 companies.
  • Receiving worker requests from 42 contractors covering 243 positions. We successfully linked 167 of these requests.
Evelyn Malunga with a spirit levelPlay

Watch Evelyn‘s story of joining our training programme!

Creating change

We are thrilled to see more women joining our training programme.

Evelyn Malunga graduated in 2020, and returned to one of our quarterly Female Mentorship sessions in 2022 to inspire her peers.

We are committed to supporting more young women like Evelyn through our courses. Women often face discrimination and prejudice that limit their choices and chances.

But it’s not just about training more women. We are working to tackle discriminatory policies, structural barriers and cultural prejudices in the workplace, so they can achieve the same success as their male peers.

We are advocating with a range of partners to create wide-scale and lasting change for all young people.

“Over the past one year I have worked for Iridium Construction… Because of my outstanding performance discipline and focus I have been given a position of a supervisor, the only female supervisor at my work place. This shows that even women can lead in the construction industry and break the bias.”

I joined Build It because I was motivated after seeing women doing construction works and above all I wanted financial freedom… I only managed to go as far as Grade 8 because of financial challenges and I had a child who I needed to care for.”


  • 25% of our trainees being women; significantly higher than global sector averages.
  • Progression of our Women into Work programme through improved recruitment methods, focused Life Skills training and tailored career progression support.
  • Development of a new Advocacy Strategy to increase skills training for young people.
Evelyn Malunga - Graduation at Centre for Excellence May 2021Evelyn on the building site
Health staff at Libuyu celebratingPlay

Watch the transformation at Libuyu Health Centre!

Investing in communities

Our graduates were at the forefront of our exciting redevelopment project at Libuyu Health Centre.

The centre is situated in a busy urban compound in Livingstone. Staff were struggling to provide high-quality healthcare to over 20,000 patients in crowded and unsuitable conditions.

The project saw the complete transformation and upgrade of the old clinic building into a spacious, modern and comfortable facility.  The internal layout was reconfigured to improve patient flow and privacy, along with the installation of a new roof, electrics, plumbing and sanitation.

This remarkable redevelopment will help improve access and quality of healthcare services for thousands of people living in the Libuyu community.

We look forward to seeing the positive outcomes of this initiative in future Impact Studies.

Screening and waiting area
The waiting room at Libuyu Health Centre
“I can proudly state that because of my new skills, I’m now able to rent a house for my family and support them financially.

I want to be an entrepreneur focusing in the same area of construction with a view to employ my fellow youths and empower them with a skill.”
Graduate Dalitso Zulu wearing a checked shirt
Graduate Dalitso Zulu


  • Full redevelopment and modernisation of Libuyu Health Centre to improve facilities for in-patient and out-patient services, pharmacy and laboratory.
  • The opportunity for graduates to further develop their skills and experience.
  • The conclusion of an ambitious two-year project, which also included the construction of the new Maternity and Child Health Unit in 2021/ 2022.
Group session sitting around in a circle listing to one man speak

Maintaining a brighter future

Building maintenance can often be overlooked. But it is vital in helping to preserve the value and functionality of buildings for the future.

We successfully piloted a short Maintenance Course at six schools where we have built new facilities. The training sessions aimed to educate and inspire participants to take care of the buildings. We are pleased with the success of this project, and are exploring opportunities to develop this course further.

Our work supports the Sustainable Development Goals, helping to build a greener, fairer, better world by 2030. 

  • Sustainable Development Goal number 1 - No poverty
  • Sustainable Development Goal number 4 - Quality education
  • Sustainable Development Goal number 5 - Gender equality
  • Sustainable Development Goal number 6 - Clean water and sanitation
  • Sustainable Development Goal number 8 - Decent work and economic growth
  • Sustainable Development Goal number 11 - Sustainable cities and communities
  • Sustainable Development Goal number 17 - Partnerships for the goals

Our 2022 income and expenditure

Thank you to the generosity of our many supporters in building brighter futures in Zambia; from individuals and corporate partners, to grant-making foundations and institutional donors including the Oak Foundation, Happold Foundation, Halcrow Foundation and Government of Ireland through the Embassy of Ireland in Zambia.

A dramatic increase in the value of the Zambian Kwacha in 2022 impacted our spend budget as costs increased in sterling terms. Currency volatility continues to be a major challenge. Our full audited statutory accounts are available at the Charity Commission for England and Wales .


Total: £1,008,855

  • Trusts & Foundations: £743,685 (73.7%)
  • Individuals: £230,717 (22.9%)
  • Fundraising Events: £23,571 (2.3%)
  • Investment & Other: £10,882 (1.1%)

Operational &
Capital Expenditure

Total: £1,301,530

  • Skills Training & Community Building Projects: £989,454 (76%)
  • Raising Funds: £232,911 (17.9%)
  • Grant Making: £31,318 (2.4%)
  • Capital Investment: £47,847 (3.7%)

Thank you!

We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support in our mission to create brighter futures for young people and their communities in Zambia. 

We have done a lot, but there is more still to do. We are excited to continue working together to expand our impact and reach. To give more young people a hand up out of poverty. To help them pursue their dreams and build themselves a brighter future. 

A group wearing blue overalls and hard hats wave

In 2023/24 we look forward to:

  • Training at least 200 young people, with minimum 25% female participants.
  • Launching a new Three-year strategy that will grow our impact and partnerships.
  • Progressing our Women into Work programme, with first sector-wide event in Zambia.
  • Finishing construction work at Mwachisompola Primary School.
  • Planning the build of a new Maternity Unit at Chisamba Health Centre.
  • Reviewing our ‘Locally Led’ strategy, that will shift power and resources nearer to the communities we serve.